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Washi Paper Making

Art of Japanese Paper: A Hands-on "Washi" Crafting Tour

Explore the art of Japanese paper-making in an immersive washi tour. Craft unique creations, delve into rich history, and experience tradition firsthand!

English, Japanese
1 Hour

Immerse yourself in the ancient art of washi papermaking in this exclusive tour nestled in one of the most renowned Japanese paper places in the country. This hands-on journey isn't just a tour; it's an intimate education in a traditional craft revered for its delicate yet enduring beauty.

The process of washi papermaking is intricate and fascinating, steeped in a thousand years of tradition and refined technique. During this tour, you will plunge hands-first into this ancient craft, learning from seasoned artisans the detailed process that involves the revered paper mulberry, a plant fundamental to the finest quality of washi.

From pulping to pasting, each step is a reverent nod to the cultural heritage and meticulous skills passed down through countless generations. You will witness firsthand the blend of patience, technique, and artistry required in the papermaking process, contributing your essence to a sheet of washi that's distinctly yours.

But the experience goes beyond the craft. You'll absorb the essence of this Japanese paper place, feeling the whispers of history in its walls, the dedication in the air, and the passion in every tool and fiber. Creating washi isn't just about following steps; it's about experiencing the soul of a culture, understanding the harmony in materials like the paper mulberry, and respecting the unspoken language of craftsmanship.

Beyond your creations, you'll have the opportunity to explore an array of washi paper artworks in the shop, each telling a story of tradition, persistence, and beauty. These pieces, rich in heritage and artistry, make timeless souvenirs that carry a piece of history and heart.

Don't miss this opportunity to weave yourself into the legacy of traditional Japanese washi papermaking. Spaces are limited for this deeply personal and culturally rich tour. Book now to secure your place in experiencing a craft that's as much a journey of the soul as it is a feast for the senses. Join us, and become a part of the living history of washi.

Your Day of Washi Discovery


  • Greeting: Warm welcome to WATASHINO, where the beauty of Japanese papers, especially washi, comes alive through hands-on experiences.

  • Brief Explanations: Delve into the world of washi, understanding its significance in Japanese culture and how it has stood the test of time as a revered art form.

  • Precautions During the Experience: For the best experience and safety, follow our guide's lead and be gentle with the materials at hand. Remember, washi paper is delicate, yet durable!

Explanation of Handmade Japanese Paper

  • Here, we'll dive deeper into the nuances of washi. You'll learn about its history, how it's different from other Japanese papers, and the magic behind its creation. Witness firsthand how simple fibers transform into sheets of art, all by human hands.

Washi Postcard-Making Experience (4 pcs)

  • Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dive hands-first into the world of washi.

  • Our guide will demonstrate the steps, ensuring you capture the essence of traditional Japanese paper-making techniques.

  • Feel the paper's texture, the wet fibers, and the thrill of creating as you make four personal postcards by hand. Let your creativity run wild!

Rakusui Paper-Making Experience (1 pc)

  • Ever wondered how paper with such unique patterns is made? Rakusui is the answer.

  • With guidance, you'll immerse yourself in crafting one piece of Rakusui paper. This particular washi has a captivating texture made using special techniques.

  • As you work, you'll appreciate the intricate details and the magic that hand-making paper brings.

Wrapping Up Your Finished Products

  • As we wind down, reflect on your experience, the techniques learned, and the beauty of handmade Japanese papers.

  • Our team will assist you in wrapping up your finished products, ensuring they're safe and ready for you to take home.

  • Depart with a sense of accomplishment, newfound knowledge, and memories of a unique encounter with Washi at Washington.

Workshop Location: 2F, 1-32-11 Asakusa, Taito-ku, 1110032 Tokyo City, JP

What's Included?

  • Guided washi-making experiences

  • Your handmade Washi postcard (4 pcs)

  • Your handmade Rakusui paper (1 pc)


  • Transportation

  • Meals and drinks

  • Extra washi-making materials

  • Personal Insurance

Essential Information Before Booking

  • No prior experience is required; suitable for beginners.

  • Be prepared for physical activity; standing is involved.

  • Allergy sufferers (mold, plants) should exercise caution.

  • Communicate any accessibility needs in advance.

  • Workshops conducted in English and Japanese.

  • The fee includes materials and expert guidance.

  • Souvenirs, food, and transport are extra costs.


Is it true that Buddhist monks introduced washi to Japan?

Yes, that's correct. During the Heian period, Buddhist monks traveled from China to Japan, bringing with them the intricate techniques of washi-making. This has since become a defining art form in Japanese culture.

What plant is primarily used in making washi?

The primary plant used in the creation of washi is the Kozo bush. This bush's bark, roots, and other essential elements play a pivotal role in giving washi its unique texture and quality.

How is each washi sheet produced?

Producing a washi sheet is an art form in itself. It starts with stripping the bark from the Kozo bush. The bark is then laid out, thoroughly softened, and meticulously spread to produce a sheet that is both smooth to the touch and soft in appearance.

Can I purchase authentic washi products during the tour?

Absolutely! During the tour, you'll have the opportunity to explore and purchase authentic washi items. These are crafted with care by local farmers and talented designers who uphold the traditions of washi-making.

How have modern designers incorporated traditional washi elements?

Modern designers have found innovative ways to fuse traditional washi elements with contemporary designs. Throughout the tour, you can search and discover these designs showcased in various books and installations, reflecting the evolution of this art.

Is Washi durable for written content?

Indeed, washi stands out not just for its beauty but also for its durability. Its unique production elements ensure that any written content on it is preserved for a long time, retaining its original charm.

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Tokyo, Taito City, Asakusa, 1 Chome−32−11 2F

Discover the intricate art of Japanese paper-making on our immersive tour. Dive deep into the world of washi, explore its rich history, and craft your own unique creations. Join us and experience the tradition up close!