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Experience the Charm of Mount Fuji and Arakura Sengen Shrine: A Guided Tour

Dive into Japan's breathtaking beauty on our tour. Conquer Mt. Fuji, indulge in traditional culinary delights, and capture Lake Kawaguchi's pristine views. Immerse yourself in history at Arakurayama Sengen Shrine, all in a journey that bridges modern thrills with timeless tradition.

Japanese, English
Mt. Fuji
10 h

Embark on a journey to a place that has held a deep significance in the hearts of many, a place whose awe-inspiring beauty has been the muse for countless artists and poets both within Japan and across the world. We invite you to experience the grandeur of the iconic Mount Fuji, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that stands as a testament to nature's sublime power. Its timeless allure, which remains undiminished, continues to bewitch the minds and hearts of those who have the privilege to gaze upon its majestic peaks.

In the company of our professional English-speaking guide, you will navigate the picturesque vistas of Mount Fuji with ease and comfort. Our modern, well-appointed bus ensures that every moment of your journey is filled with relaxation and enjoyment. From the moment you step on board, you'll be treated to Japan's renowned high standard of service, making your adventure not just a sightseeing tour, but a truly memorable experience. Every aspect of this trip is designed with your comfort and enjoyment in mind, transforming this visit to Mount Fuji and Arakura Sengen Shrine into a cherished memory that will remain with you long after your journey concludes


Please note the changes to the itinerary during Dec. '23 and Jan. '24.

Pickup 8:00: Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit
Our unforgettable tour begins at Tokyo Station's bustling Marunouchi South Exit. Our journey starts at 08:00 am sharp. Amidst the energetic hustle and bustle of Tokyo Station, you'll feel the anticipation and excitement build up as we prepare to depart for our grand adventure.

Pickup 8:40: Shinjuku Station East Exit
Meet at Shinjuku Station's East Exit, a short journey from Tokyo Station. We'll depart around 08:40 am. Experience the vibrant pulse of Tokyo at Shinjuku, a lively preview before we transition to the peaceful embrace of nature.

Marvel at the Majestic: Mt. Fuji 5th Station
Next, we venture up to Mt. Fuji 5th Station, the loftiest spot on this iconic mountain accessible by vehicles. Be prepared for a world of spectacular panoramas that encompass everything from sprawling greenery to clear, blue skies, and an idyllic shrine nestled in the heart of nature, offering a serene spot for quiet reflection.

Note: Throughout December '23 - January '24, due to the closure of the Subaru Line, we will go to Oshino Hakkai instead of the 5th station of Mt. Fuji.

Lunch: Relish the Flavors: Highland Resort Hotel
Once we've taken in the awe-inspiring sights of Mt. Fuji, we make our way to the Highland Resort Hotel. Here, you will indulge in a delectable Japanese-style lunch, where each dish tells a tale of Japan's rich culinary heritage. However, on August 25, September 15, 22, October 13 & 27, we'll be delighting our palates at the equally charming Regina Kawaguchiko Hotel.

Note: Throughout December '23 - January '24, the location of the lunch will be changed to Regina Kawaguchiko. Meals are Japanese and vegetarian options are available.

Nature's Grandeur: Oishi Park
Post-lunch, we proceed to the delightful Oishi Park. Famed for its splendid display of floral beauty, it offers a riot of colors from diverse flora that provides a stunning visual treat, as well as a magnificent vista of Lake Kawaguchi, where the majestic Mt. Fuji casts a mirror image, presenting an ideal photography opportunity.

End on a High Note: Arakurayama Sengen Shrine
The grand finale of our tour is a visit to the historic Arakurayama Sengen Shrine. If the weather permits, you'll experience a breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji from behind the iconic five-storied pagoda, a scene that perfectly encapsulates the spirit and beauty of Japan.

Return Journey: Shinjuku Station West Exit & Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit
As the day draws to a close, we return to the vibrant city life, stopping first at the Shinjuku Station West Exit, before we finally conclude our journey at the Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit, with our arrival scheduled at around 18:20.


1. What time does the tour start and where?
Our captivating tour begins at the Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit, with departure slated for 08:00 am, or at Shinjuku Station East Exit at 08:40 am. We recommend that you arrive a bit early to allow time for any last-minute preparations and to ensure a timely departure. The early start provides us ample time to savor the day's experiences without feeling rushed.
2. What are the dietary options for lunch?
To ensure a well-rounded experience, we provide both traditional Japanese and vegetarian meals for lunch. We understand the importance of dietary preferences and restrictions; therefore, if you require a vegetarian meal, please make sure to send us an email by 3:00 p.m. the day before your tour. This allows us enough time to prepare and ensures you receive a meal that suits your dietary needs.
3. What is the alternative plan if the Fuji Subaru Line is blocked?
If we encounter road blockages that prevent access to the Fuji Subaru Line leading up to the 5th station, we have a robust alternative plan in place. In such instances, the tour will pivot to visit either the Mt. Fuji World Heritage Center or Oshino-Hakkai. Both these locations offer their unique charm and rich cultural experiences, ensuring your day remains interesting and engaging.
4. What is the expected return time?
After a day filled with intriguing experiences and unforgettable moments, the tour is scheduled to conclude at the Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit at approximately 18:20. This gives you enough time to rest and reflect on the day's memories.
5. What should I wear for the tour?
Given that the tour involves various activities, including a fair bit of walking and climbing, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing and footwear. Weather conditions at Mt. Fuji can fluctuate, so it's advisable to bring layered clothing to adjust to the changing temperatures.
6. Is the tour subject to any changes?
Yes, due to the weather conditions it will not be possible to travel all the way to Mt. Fuji's 5th station from the beginning of December '23 - end of January '24. Please note that the tour will make a stop at Oshino Hakkai instead, and move the lunch to Regina Kawaguchiko.

Key Takeaways

Iconic Mount Fuji: Embark on a journey to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the grandeur of Mount Fuji's majestic peaks has captivated hearts globally.
Guided Exploration: Navigate picturesque vistas with a professional English-speaking guide, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience.
Comfortable Transport: Travel in modern, well-appointed buses, offering relaxation and enjoyment throughout the journey.
Immersive Adventure: Experience Japan's renowned high standard of service, transforming sightseeing into a memorable journey.
Cherished Memories: Craft a lasting memory of Mount Fuji and Arakurayama Sengen Shrine, with comfort and enjoyment at the forefront.

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Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit
1 Chome-9 Marunouchi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo

Pickup Option #1
Departure: 8:00am

Shinjuku Station East Exit

Pickup Option #2
Departure: 8:40am

Mt. Fuji 5th Station

The highest spot of the mountain accessible for vehicles, place with many breathtaking sceneries and also with a beautiful shrine.


Japanese style lunch at Regina Kawaguchiko Hotel.

Oishi Park

Well known for its colorful flower beauty and also breathtaking atmosphere of beautiful Lake Kawaguchi where Mt. Fuji reflects itself. A perfect place to take some interesting pictures.

Arakurayama Sengen Shrine

If the weather is good, you can also see the beautiful Mt. Fuji beyond the traditional architecture Japanese five-storied pagoda.

Shinjuku Station West Exit

First drop off around 17:50.

Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit

Final drop off around 18:20.

An Amazing Tour with Hato Bus.
It was an amazing tour and our guide Mrs. Aki was a great tour guide giving us a wonderful experience of Mt.Fuji. She was kind, patient, and most of all had a kind smile.
August 2, 2023
Our guide was great!
We had an excellent time on this excursion. The guide, Ah-Tun-Ushi San made the trip very enjoyable with his history lessons, stories and jokes. The lunch was surprisingly good compared to other tours we've been on. We would do another tour with Hato Bus the next time we are back in Tokyo. Highly recommend! Wish we had more time on Mt Fuji. Great trip all in all!
July 6, 2023
Highly Recommend Mt Fuji Tour
What a great tour we had today! Our tour guide, Sushi (my apologies for misspelling your name) was amazing. I give him an A+++++! I learned so much about Japan, the history, Mt. Fuji, the belief systems, the prefects, why people drive on the left side of the road ( it has to do with the Samurai), and much much more. The sites were incredible! The food at the restaurant was excellent. Lots of stops to stretch your legs, and see new things. I highly recommend Hato Tours and Mr. Sushi.
July 5, 2023